College and Career Innovation Digital Badge

The Challenge

The South Carolina Afterschool Alliance seeks to demonstrate ways in which summer and afterschool programs across the state contribute to the college and career readiness of students throughout South Carolina by providing a tool that will allow program participants to demonstrate and document their individual skills acquisition.

The Solution

The SCAA is developing the College and Career Innovation Digital Badge (CCIDB). The CCIDB will validate student progress towards college and career readiness by providing students digital badges that recognize the skills, knowledge, and characteristics they are acquiring in their afterschool settings, through self-guided instruction, or in the traditional classroom environment.

The CCIDB will help student see how well they are navigating towards the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, a college and career readiness aspiration set by the South Carolina State Board of Education.

Badging for the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate

The SCAA will offer three types of digital badges: Life and Career Characteristics, World Class Knowledge, and World Class Skills. These badges reflect the areas of learning prioritized in the Profile of a South Carolina Graduate.

Life and Career Characteristics Badges

Life & Career Characteristic Badges

These badges represent the personality and behavioral attributes that are necessary for lifelong success. The six Characteristics recognize by the state are:

World Class Skills Badges

World Class Skills Badges

We offer five digital badges to correspond with 21st Century Skills:

World Class Knowledge

World Class Knowledge Badges

We will issue badges in the areas of:

Partnering with Business and Industry and Higher Education

Digital Badge holders gain access to work-related opportunities or higher education opportunities authorized by employers or institutions of higher education that endorse the CCIDB. The SCAA is working with business partners to gain endorsements for each of the digital badges it will offer. Endorsing businesses will provide badge holders job experiences based on the badge or series of badges they hold. Business partners offer job shadowing, apprenticeship, internship, site tour, and mentoring opportunities. Institutions of higher education are partnering with SCAA to provide badge holders advantages in admissions, access to coursework, and research opportunities usually not available to elementary and secondary level students.

Badges that Support a Pathway to College and Career Readiness

The CCIDB will encourage students to make progress towards fulfilling the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. The SCAA will assess how well students have mastered characteristics, knowledge, or skills and classify their level of mastery as emerging, developing, or exemplar. When a student reaches the exemplar level for any skill, knowledge, or characteristic, they will receive a Pathway Badge. They are on the path to college and career readiness. Once a student has earned all of the Pathway Badges for World Class Skills, they will acquire its Destination Badge. Similarly for Life and Career Characteristics and World Class Knowledge, once a student earns all of the Pathway Badges, they earn the culminating Destination Badge. Students meet the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate when they hold all three of the Destination Badges.


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