National Geographic for a Virtual Field Trip from Your Afterschool Program for Lights On Afterschool (A Mott Foundation funded opportunity)

Tuesday, October 23rd 3:15pm – 4:15pm ET. Register now!

Real-world problems call for critical thinking and real-world solutions and afterschool programs are a great place for kids to learn, collaborate, and figure out how to make their communities better. The Mott Foundation and National Geographic want to help afterschool programs open the world to young people.

National Geographic has been pushing the boundaries of knowledge, exploring the planet from its highest peaks to its deepest depths for more than 130 years. Now you can bring this spirit of exploration to your afterschool program!

Join Explorer Classroom #LightsOnAfterschool Special

Looking for new ways to inspire and connect young people to STEM careers and role models in your afterschool program? Take them aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus! Make the experience all or part of your Lights On celebration, showing the worlds that open to kids in afterschool.


In an interactive experience, explorer Dr. Robert Ballard will share how his team explores the never-before-explored ocean floor. Participants can send questions, even asking how they found the Titanic! All you need is an internet connection and access to YouTube.


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